The final act at Nebiolo

In 1965 Milan’s design elite was invited to team up with the Studio Artistico in a quest for new typefaces of quality. The quest for a ‘universal’ typeface would produce Forma, Dattilo and the as yet unpublished Modulo. Here you can read the full story: part one and part two.

Novarese and Butti, a story to be (re)written

In this lively exchange, Alessandro Colizzi and Riccardo Olocco dig under the surface of hagiography taking a cue from «TipoItalia» n.3 and Indra Kupferschmid’s article on Novarese published on Type Network in 2017.

Veltro, the greyhound’s chase

In this article from 2017, adapted from «TipoItalia» n.3, De Franceschi deals with the popular Nebiolo script face of 1934 and shows more samples of its use.

NHP at ATypI Antwerp (2)

Here is Alessandro Colizzi’s talk about “Aldo Novarese and Alessandro Butti, a story to be (re)written.” Novarese’s name is almost synonymous with Nebiolo. Aldo Novarese (1920–1995) headed the foundry’s Studio artistico from 1953 to 1972: as its last leading figure, he was invariably “celebrated” and remained the only source for the history of the company… Continue reading NHP at ATypI Antwerp (2)

NHP at ATypI Antwerp (1)

The Nebiolo History Project was officially announced at the ATypI Conference in Antwerp, September 11–15, 2018. Here is Marta Bernstein’s introduction to “The lost hundred years of Italian type. From the death of Bodoni till the rise of Nebiolo”. Nebiolo, Bodoni, history, Italian type, decorative type, 1800, printing types, research, unpublished, wood type, type foundries.… Continue reading NHP at ATypI Antwerp (1)